2021 Virtual SummeRun & Walk

Julie's Gems

Hello Friends and Family,

Our team Julie's Gems is again participating in the Virtual SummeRun & Walk for Ovarian Cancer benefiting the life-saving work of the Rivkin Center.  The SummeRun brings our community together in the fight against ovarian cancer.  We run, walk, honor, and celebrate together virtually for all women: daughters, moms, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, and even baby girls yet to be born — so that they are ensured a chance to thrive, and live healthy lives.  

As you all know, 5 years ago I battled this horrible disease.  I was stage 3C when I was diagnosed.  This is advanced and could have been a death sentence.  I was lucky and responded well to treatment.  Although recurrence is common, I have been extremely fortunate to be happy and healthy, living a life I could not have dreamed of when I was first diagnosed.  So many of you have been a part of this wonderful life and have supported me yearly in my quest to support the Rivkin Center.

100% of proceeds from the event benefit the Rivkin Center, a Seattle-based non-profit organization that works to improve women’s health by helping them prevent, detect early, and survive ovarian and breast cancer. 

What you can do to support us:

1.  Click on Donate Now and give what you can-$25 adds up quick! 

2.  Click on Join the Team and register for Julie's Gems. The cost to register is $25 and that can be your donation.  If you wish to add on, you will be given the option to do so.

3.  All Julie's Gems team members are invited to attend our celebration on Friday July 9th.  If you can come at 6 pm we will be having a short Rivkin Walk in the park leaving from our house. At 7PM join us for Burgers, Brats and Beer on the dock.  Address for both 2815 Mountain View Ave N, Renton.

No one can beat ovarian cancer alone, but, with your support, we can help save women's lives.  Please feel free to contact me, julieduggan@comcast.net if you have questions.  

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